San Antonio Business Journal: McDonald’s Adding Fresh Fruit To Every Happy Meal

McDonald’s USA LLC officials were in San Antonio Monday to announce the nationwide launch of a new effort designed to encourage kids to eat more fresh fruit.

Starting today, all customers who order their children Happy Meals will automatically get either a fourth-cup or half-cup serving of apple slices with their choice of Chicken McNugget, hamburger or cheeseburger. Kids can still get a serving of french fries, albeit a smaller portion than the traditional Happy Meal size. Customers can order a second bag of apple slices in lieu of the fries. Happy Meals will come with the option of fat-free chocolate milk or 1 percent white milk.

By adding fruit in every Happy Meal, McDonald’s hopes more children will get their recommended daily allowance of produce. McDonald’s had been offering apples as a Happy Meal choice since 2004. However, only 11 percent of parents have been picking the apple slices as a Happy Meal option.

“With the new Happy Meal, we’re helping to support parents in encouraging their children to enjoy the foods that are good for them along with the foods they love by automatically including both apples and fries as part of a balanced, kid-appropriate meal option,” says Richard Acosta, Greater San Antonio McDonald’s owner/operator. “We’re excited this new offering will introduce about 100 million cups of produce nationally each year into the diets of our youngest customers.”

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