Accomplishments: Past & Present

We are very proud of our record as a McDonald’s Franchisees 

We are only as good as the people that surround us; we pride ourselves on our the accomplishments that we have received as a team, striving to assemble the very best of the best and insuring that our team has all the tools and resources needed to deliver excellence.  

Golden Arch Award Winners 2018

The most prestigious award presented to a McDonald’s Franchise owner; The Fred L. Turner Golden Arch Award. It is awarded to the very best of the best, the top 1% of McDonald’s Owner/Operators earn this high honor that recognizes a relentless dedication to customer service, exceptional achievement in business, and significant community involvement.

Ronald McDonald Award Winner 1989

This award is one of the most coveted awards for a McDonald’s owner/operator to receive as it exemplifies not only their commitment to the Brand but, more importantly, their commitment to their customers and community.

Produced 5 Ray Kroc Award Winners

Ray Kroc Award Given to Top 1% of McDonald’s Restaurant Managers in the country: Hortencia Barragan (2005), Arturo Sanchez (2012), Richard Gonzalez (2018), Gladys Valencia (2008), and Maria Navarro (2001).

Produced 42 Outstanding Restaurant Manager Award Winners

Restaurant managers who have been selected to receive this award are among the top restaurant managers in the country and have demonstrated consistent outstanding performance. The award is given to restaurant managers who exemplify a commitment to satisfying guests and demonstrate an overall commitment to providing quality, service, cleanliness and operational excellence. Woodbury has improved daily operations, profitability and developed a strong team to deliver outstanding guest experiences and continues to go above and beyond to build the business.

Produced 3 Outstanding Crew Person of the Year Award Winners

One of the hardest awards to win as a crew person and we are honored to have 3 winners within our organization. The completion to win this award is extremely challenging; you are competing against all crew members in the entire United States.

Who we are; from the very beginning, we have pushed for excellence.

  • My 1st year as an Owner McDonald’s named me “Rookie of the Year” for Texas and Oklahoma
  • 34 McDonald’s Outstanding Restaurant Awards
  • 15 McDonald’s Outstanding Landscaping Awards
  • 12 McDonald’s Outstanding Decor Awards
  • 3 McDonald’s Street Fighter Award
  • 2 McDonald’s Pioneer Award
  • 3 Outstanding People Practices Award
  • McDonald’s Sales Improvement Award
  • Houston Region Outstanding Breakfast Award
  • Houston Region Speed of Service Award
  • San Antonio Market Outstanding Breakfast Awards
  • Winner of Drive-thru Houston Region contest
  • Region Field Service Planning Meeting Advisor
  • Helped develop Texas “Homestyle” Burger
  • Developed Deluxe Breakfast which went US & International
  • Developed Banana Splits
  • Trained 3 previous McDonald’s Operators